About Us

Alabama Federal-State Inspection Service is a self supporting division of the Alabama Department of Agricultue and Industries operating under USDA Federal cooperative agreements. We are not only an inspection service for peanuts, grain, fruit and vegetables but weigh sample, and do Alfatoxin analyses. ALFSIS also performs Good Agricultural and Good Handling audits for the farm and other types of agricultural industries by trained and USDA licensed auditors. Read our History page to learn some more about how we were instituted.

Honesty and Impartiality are the foundation stones of the inspection services. We instill these core values into every USDA licensed auditor we train.

The overall program is accomplished under two cooperative agreements between the USDA and the Alabama Department of Agricultures and Industries. Separate financial records are kept for each agreement.

A state director appointed by the commissioner of the department supervises all work. Fresh Products Branch of USDA directs the operations of peanut inspection, fruit and vegetable inspection, and terminal market offices. Federal grain inspection services supervises the technical aspects of the grain, weighing, and commodity work. However, the state function and fiscal activities of these sections are under the director’s jurisdiction.