The Mobile headquarters of the Alabama Federal-State Inspection Service deals primarily with grain, for both export and inter-state use, throughout the year. Corn, soybeans, and wheat are harvested locally as well as brought in by truck and rail car to the Alabama State Docks. This grain is then sampled and inspected to determine its quality and condition before being stored. In addition to grain being inspected before storing, the Mobile office also inspects grain that is shipped overseas. Japan, China, and Mexico are just a few of the countries that import soybeans, wheat, and corn from the United States. All of this grain must be inspected to verify that it meets USDA standards. Export ships transport a lot of grain, over 100,000,000 pounds, so it is important that the weighing and inspection of this grain are carefully monitored and that USDA standards are enforced. As well as inspecting the grain, it is our responsibility to inspect the vessel itself prior to any grain being loaded. This is to ensure that there is nothing that could contaminate or harm the grain such as rust, leftover cargo from prior shipments including coal dust, as well as insects.